Sale of IEDs to Undercover Officer Leads to Felony Charges

A Butler County man faces Felony charges for possession of dangerous ordnances after he allegedly sold modified grenades to undercover police officers.  The modified grenades were described as Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs).

IEDs Confiscated by Police Leading to Felony Charge

Evidence found by Law Enforcement

The police executed a search warrant at the home of Jeffrey Fellman.  The police said that additional IEDs were discovered, “including modified grenades, bombs made with plastic pipes and ‘other bomb-making components.’” Items found during the s search of the residence included:  a satchel containing five grenades; a PVC pipe bomb; smoke grenades; arrows with attached pyrotechnic devices; and a booby trap device.

Feldman could face additional charges for the weapons found at his home.  In addition, media reports indicate that he has a prior arrest for domestic violence.  A domestic violence conditions means that, under federal law, a person may not possess a firearm – even for hunting.  If Feldman has been previously convicted of domestic violence, he could face federal charges for possession of a firearm.

Fellman was in court last Thursday for a preliminary hearing in Hamilton Municipal Court.  At the hearing, investigators described the sale of the IEDs and the search of Fellman’s home.  Law enforcement officials have not publicly speculated on Fellman’s motives for possessing the IEDs.

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