Repeat Offenders

The Ohio criminal justice system is extremely aggressive in its enforcement of drunk driving laws. The law is particularly hard on DUI and OVI repeat offenders. Even if you have a previous DUI or OVI offense on your record, you still have rights. Be sure that you have an experienced criminal defense attorney on your side with the skill and the knowledge to protect your rights.

At Michael K. Allen & Associates, we have extensive experience in all types of drunk driving cases, and we commit ourselves to helping every client to reach the most favorable possible outcome.

Under Ohio law, a second DUI offense in a six-year period puts you in the repeat offender category. In addition to increased license suspension durations, fines, and jail time, repeat offenders also face the possibility of losing their vehicles. For a second offense in six years, you can lose access to your vehicle for 90 days. A third offense results in the loss of your vehicle for six months, and a fourth results in vehicle forfeiture.

When you hire our firm, we pursue every legal option available in an effort to preserve your rights. Our attorneys work to ensure that the police followed correct procedures at every part of your case. If your rights were violated in any point, we will file motions to suppress evidence that was collected illegally. We will challenge whether the officer had probable cause to stop you, whether the chemical and sobriety tests were administered properly, and any other questionable aspect of the prosecution’s case.

If you’ve been charged with a subsequent DUI offense, contact us today or request an appointment with an experienced, skilled Cincinnati, OH, DUI lawyer.