Drug Forfeitures

When a person is facing criminal charges or has been arrested for a drug crime, the law allows for the seizure of certain property that was used to commit the crime or that was purchased with proceeds from the sale of the drugs. The seizure of the property is referred to as forfeiture. Houses, land, cars, cell phones, cash, bank accounts and other types of property have all been seized as part of drug investigations.

However, when law enforcement officials take property that has nothing to do with the alleged crime, they have violated the law. Law enforcement will often cast a wide net and assume that anything of value must have been purchased for some criminal intent or acquired through ill-gotten gains. If you have been forced to forfeit property by the authorities, be sure that you have strong representation from an experienced Cincinnati, OH criminal defense attorney.

At Michael K. Allen & Associates, we fight aggressively to protect your rights. We have helped countless clients to recover all types of property that was wrongly seized in an investigation.

Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience in the practice of criminal law. Each of us worked for the Hamilton County Prosecutor’s Office, and we have a complete understanding of these cases from all sides.

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