Michael K. Allen & Associates Files Class Action Lawsuit Against Traffic Cameras in Dayton

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Michael K. Allen & Associates has filed a lawsuit on behalf of a handful of citizens against the city of Dayton, Ohio, challenging its use of traffic cameras. Today’s action follows other successful cases brought by the Firm against Elmwood Place in Hamilton County and New Miami in Butler County.  Motorists will ask a judge to throw out traffic tickets issued by Dayton’s automatic enforcement systems and refund their fines.   The Dayton lawsuit is joined by attorneys Tom Manning, of Dayton, and Paul DeMarco, of Cincinnati.

This action targets both speed cameras and red-light cameras run by Redflex Traffic Systems, the longest consistently operating company in photo enforcement with about 3,000 systems in 250 cities throughout the U.S. and Canada. Redflex shares ticket proceeds with the city of Dayton.

Michael Allen will provide additional information and be available for comment at a press conference at 2:00 at the Firm’s Mason Office. He stated, “Automatic traffic enforcement systems are often more about raising revenues for cash strapped municipalities than improving traffic safety. We are not saying that these devices can’t be a valuable law enforcement tool. We are saying that if the government wants to impose fines on citizens, it has an obligation to give the citizens a fair chance to defend themselves.”

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About Joshua Adam Engel

Joshua A. Engel, Of Counsel to Michael K. Allen & Associates, is a highly respected and experienced former prosecutor, appellate advocate, and civil litigator.

A graduate of the Harvard University Law School, Joshua is a frequent lecturer and author on cutting-edge legal issues. A recent law review article by Joshua was listed among the top ten downloaded articles on law enforcement issue. In 2007, his work as a prosecutor was recognized by a Meritorious Service Award from the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association. He was selected for a number of Committeess for the Ohio Supreme Court and served as a Fellow with the Ohio State Bar Foundation. In 1992, he was honored as a recipient of a Harry S. Truman Scholarship for Public Service.

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  1. Michael Giannott says:

    I am one of many that has rec’d and paid the $85.00 fine for a ticket caused by these cameras. Secondly, this camera, on S. Smithville Rd in Dayton, was NOT at an intersection. How do I become part of the class action lawsuit? Please contact me at chronologie4@yahoo.com. Thank you.

    Michael Giannott

    • Good question. We will be asking the court to allow us to represent all motorists as part of a class. You do not need to do anything at this time to participate. The court will make sure that everyone receives appropriate notice.

  2. Darren Booth says:

    I also received a traffic cam 85.00 ticket and wondered if I need to pay the ticket?

  3. Has the court made a decision on allowing a class action lawsuit to represent those of us that got tickets? If so, since it has been a long period of time, will out of state residents receive notice of a class action lawsuit? Also, in Dayton, are these so called hearings actually done thru the court system or are they done through alternate hearing methods?

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