Mason Teacher Who Had Sex With Students Granted Early Release

A Mason teacher who had been convicted of sexual battery in October 2011 for having sex with five students was granted early release from prison.

Stacy Schuler had been sentenced to four years in prison following her conviction for having sex with five students and providing them with alcohol.  Schuler will be on probation for five years and will be required to register as a sex offender.  Her attorney said that she will be living with her parents in Montgomery County.

At the judicial release hearing, the judge considered a statement by Schuler acknowledging that she had not setting appropriate boundaries with students and allowing substance abuse to cloud her judgment.  “I know that I can’t take back some of the things that have happened and there will be lifelong consequences from my actions and I’m very sorry for that,” she said. “I continue to pray that God brings peace to these families, the teachers and others who have been harmed by my actions.”

The Warren County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office objected to the early release, and suggested, according to the media reports, that “her early release would send the wrong message about the ways in which male and female sexual offenders are treated.”

One of Schuler’s victims stated that he continues to suffer emotional distress and public embarrassment.  Parents of the victims also objected to the early release.  Another victim sent the court a letter supporting Schuler’s release.

Schuler certainly benefited from obtaining experienced defense counsel.  Early assessment and a committed defense to allegations of any sex crime are essential because of the increasingly severe registration and reporting requirements imposed upon persons convicted of such offenses. Experienced defense counsel can explore creative options to avoid an outcome that will result in a lengthy prison sentence as well as a onerous sexual offender registration requirement.

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