Additional New Miami Speed Cameras Coverage

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Some of the local and national coverage of the New Miami speed camera case.

A Butler County Common Pleas Court Judge declared that the New Miami Speed Camera Ordinance was unconstitutional and issued an injunction against their continued use.

Attorney Joshua Adam Engel arguing against Speed Cameras in Butler County

Attorney Joshua Adam Engel arguing against Speed Cameras in Butler County

A Dayton Daily News article by Lauren Peck had this colorful local reaction:

The lunch crowd at Red’s Hamburgers in New Miami had no love lost for the speed cameras.

“I’m surprised one of the good old boys around here haven’t pulled them out with a chain and dumped them in the river by now,” said resident Tonya Newton.

Newton said she wonders where all the money the cameras generated has been spent.
“It’s not about speed, it about (money),” Newton said. suggested that the New Miami ruling could be a “warning” to Cleveland.

Fox 19 Video:
Cincinnati News, FOX19-WXIX TV

WCPO-TV Coverage.

WKRC-TV Video.

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Joshua A. Engel, Of Counsel to Michael K. Allen & Associates, is a highly respected and experienced former prosecutor, appellate advocate, and civil litigator.

A graduate of the Harvard University Law School, Joshua is a frequent lecturer and author on cutting-edge legal issues. A recent law review article by Joshua was listed among the top ten downloaded articles on law enforcement issue. In 2007, his work as a prosecutor was recognized by a Meritorious Service Award from the Ohio Prosecuting Attorneys Association. He was selected for a number of Committeess for the Ohio Supreme Court and served as a Fellow with the Ohio State Bar Foundation. In 1992, he was honored as a recipient of a Harry S. Truman Scholarship for Public Service.

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  1. Sharon Ray-Cassedy says:

    There is a similar situation in dealing with Springfield Ohio with a photo enforcement program they have there. I am unsure of the legal limitation’s of the length of time that a yellow light should be on, but the one stoplight that they have there using this program the yellow light is very short, not giving folks a chance to stop. I am thinking of starting a petition to get rid of it, because it makes no sense. It gives one going 35 little chance to stop. If the light turns yellow one will automatically halt to a stop so that they do not get caught on the camera. This will then cause someone from behind to plow into them. It is just not an ethical program, and there are thousands of dollars collected without anyone knowing where this money is being spent. Obviously they are saving money even further by not having a police at the intersection to do the job himself.

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